African Migration

Depart the United States on South African Airways for a non-stop flight to Cape Town. Next morning, begin your tour of Cape Town at Table Mountain where you will enjoy a panoramic view of this spectacular seaport city. Thereafter, tour the coastline, lunch at a specialty restaurant and visit the shoreline where the “fairy penguins” return from the cold waters with food for their young. A morning drive across beautiful hillsides takes you to the elegant winery estates for a lunch and wine tasting extravaganza. Return to the city where you are the invited guests for dinner and cocktails at a private residence.

Enjoy the unforgettable pleasure of boarding the renowned Blue Train for your overnight passage to Pretoria. A mid-morning arrival allows time for a view of the city and a visit to the Voortrekker Monument, which depicts the struggle of the early pioneers in their efforts to find a new homeland. Excitement mounts as your morning flight wings you to the outskirts of the Kruger National Park and your accommodation at Mala Mala, a safari camp that over the years has won innumerable prestigious travel awards. Your luxurious custom tour safari adventure begins in continued search of the “Big Five” – (lion, rhino, elephant, buffalo and leopard). Each new animal sighting, each topographical wonder, help make this safari the adventure of a lifetime.

Rise early and allow your senses thrill to the heartbeat that is Africa. It is at this time of day that safari activity is at its highest peak. Seldom does the early riser go unrewarded. Your expert guide will teach you some of the methods of tracking game – a lion’s print in the sand, a cheetah’s spoor aside the road, the agitation of deer and bird life, each one an integral component in the daily search for the more elusive of the species. Your safari by the Kruger National Park now complete, it is time to leave Mala Mala for Botswana.

A morning flight takes you to Maun where you will board your charter aircraft for the onward flight to the Okavango Delta at Shindi, a tranquil paradise amidst the 7,000 square miles of wilderness in the delta. Let the thrill of safari take hold as you ford over streams, cross the colorful marshlands and veld, finding high adventure in a setting where safari members are limited to a mere 16 guests. The animals in these environs are not accustomed to hordes of travelers, thus the sightings are more active and the entire safari experience more genuine.

Wing your way to Kanana Camp, another region within the delta. This luxurious tented camp astounds all visitors with the fine amenities made available for one’s comfort. At sunset, indulge ice-cold cocktails, fine hot showers, superb cuisine and a comfortable night’s rest. A morning sun adds brilliance to the many photo opportunities and the dramatic topography that surrounds you. Each safari offers its own rewards, no two alike, and the simple joy of traversing the pathways make each experience a worthwhile adventure.

Fly to the Chobe National Park and your luxurious accommodation at Chilwero. Wake to the brilliance of an African sunrise. The richness of color sets the forest afire with the glowing reds and golden, shimmering yellows on the new-born day. Having completed your safari in the bush, join with others at the outdoor Boma for a dinner under the stars as you trade tales of your sightings on recent excursions. A morning drive takes you across the border to Zimbabwe and the magnificence of Victoria Falls. After touring the falls, enjoy a leisurely lunch at the renowned Victoria Falls Hotel and thereafter, board your return flight to Johannesburg. Next morning, begin your exploration of the city with a visit to the town of Soweto, providing a striking contrast to the more beautiful residential communities that ring the city environs. Tour the center city, which includes the financial district with landmark hotels a main fixture on every corner. Later this evening it is time to board your return flight homeward carrying with you those precious memories that only such a safari can create for you to enjoy over a lifetime.

Regional Advisory

Regional Advisory

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In Africa, July heralds the end of the rainy season and the beginning of the largest animal migration in the world: The Great Wildebeest Migration. As the grasslands dry, the hunt for greener pastures becomes paramount. From July to September, hundreds of species, including, wildebeest, zebras, gazelles, elephants, and rhinos make the trek north across the Serengeti to the Mara grasslands. It is a journey hundreds of miles long.

With them travel carnivores. Lions, leopards, and cheetahs stalk the herds, lying in wait among the tall grass.

River crossings pose the greatest hazards to the migrating herds. Danger comes in many forms: swift-moving and treacherous water, submerged crocodiles, and big cats hiding in the tree line. Of the three million animals that begin the trek, many will falter along the way, providing sustenance for predators and scavengers.

The Serengeti, which means "Endless Plains" in the native Maasai language, crosses the border between Kenya and Tanzania. In September, when the Mara's grasslands are exhausted, the roaming herds turn south, returning across hundreds of miles to where their journey began, the Southern Serengeti and Ngorongoro plains. Between these two nations, the plains animals travel an endless seasonal loop towards richer pasture.

First Cabin offers luxury mobile safari adventures, using our years of experience to position you in exclusive campsites along the migration path, and yet well away from throngs of tourists. Our safari accommodations are so well-appointed; some guests have actually touched the canvas, not believing such comfort was possible from a tent.

The mobile tenting allows for a genuinely private safari experience, excepting, of course, the nearby million or so migrating wildebeest, zebra, elephants, gazelles...