About Your Tour


The tour itinerary provides an excellent insight into the level of planning implemented in creating the tour Program. You are encouraged to compare the First Cabin selection of itineraries with any in the travel industry. The selection is based solely on First Cabin’s experience in the field, not merely a discussion with vendors about what is available. Every tour will include all that is worthwhile, be it a major historical site, a local festival, home or school visits or simply a colorful market. The goal always is to reach into the heart of a city, town or village and then, toward the end of an exciting and rewarding day, to put ones head to pillow at the finest of accommodation.


When you book a tour with First Cabin, plan to travel. All tour departures require a minimum of only eight members per tour. On occasion, a tour will depart with fewer than eight. An early booking is deemed essential to insure your membership. Every group tour includes the services of a highly qualified, professional tour manager who will accompany you throughout the journey.

Hotels And Accommodations

Toward the end of your day, exciting as it has been, you now seek comfort in a quiet and peaceful setting. Knowing this, First Cabin has your room reserved at the finest of accommodations available. Most selections have outstanding reputations and are known around the globe. In a few Third World countries and some remote areas, the choice may be of a lesser standard; however, you will find that the extraordinary sights and exciting events will more than offset the temporary adjustment. First Cabin is alert in reviewing choices for alternate accommodations and when the opportunity arises, and the section has improved, a change for the better is assured.

Shared Accommodations

Upon request, First Cabin will attempt to find a companion traveler who is willing to consider the sharing of accommodations. Certainly, the shared camaraderie and release from the single supplement is a tempting option and may result in a wonderful holiday. Should the blend of personalities be less than malleable, the treasured holiday could easily fall into a different category altogether, making the return home a true highlight. One should seriously consider their personal needs and their priorities before committing to such an arrangement and if possible, meet with their potential roommate beforehand.


Each and every photograph depicted on this website was taken by Robert Kenyon while leading a First Cabin tour. Travelers can expect to find the same or similar sites and scenes while on their holiday with First Cabin.

Travel Insurance

Tour cancellation insurance is available and must be a real consideration before booking any tour. The loss of funds due to a cancellation close to the departure date can total the entire amount of the tour price. Please carefully read over the cancellation policy under Terms and Conditions to better understand what penalties one may incur if cancellation becomes a necessity. There are a number of companies that offer traveler insurance, which can readily be found on line. Each offers their own variety of options, which one should explore to find the plan that best fits their needs. Pre-existing condition is a term that should be discussed when speaking with an agent offering such insurance. First Cabin strongly recommends that you seriously consider protection against a loss of funds due to cancellation. The decision is left to the consumer as to whether and for how much to insure against a potential loss.

Gratuities (Group Tour)

All of the tipping for the entire tour program is included. The porters, guides, drivers, staff, waiters, service personnel and tour managers all receive their gratuities for services rendered on tour without it ever becoming a concern to you. At times, any one of these individuals may provide services to a traveler beyond what is customary during the course of the touring experience, thereby enhancing an already great experience. In those instances, a traveler is welcome to show their appreciation by providing a gratuity for those services one might consider beyond the norm.


First Cabin is built upon a solid foundation of experience, quality and personal concern that puts client satisfaction foremost in mind. That global experience began in Southeast Asia in 1963 and, over the many years, has extended to all continents, resulting in the genuinely warm and exhilarating reception that greets each and every First Cabin traveler wherever the destination. By far, the greater number of First Cabin travelers are repeat clientele who have become accustomed to, expectant of and dependent upon the expertise and high quality of First Cabin leadership. It is from the ever-so-enthusiastic referrals provided by these loyal clientele, some of whom have traveled extensively over the years, that First Cabin derives its mainstay of travelers. We welcome you to explore the opportunity.