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China Explorer ~ Dare To Compare

Can A Privatized, Luxury-Styled Custom Tour Be Priced Less Than A Large Group Tour? ~ Private Car, Driver and Guide for Less? Without Question The Answer Would be a Resounding Yes!

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Is Myanmar (Burma) A Travel Safe Destination

For many decades, Myanmar was under tight military rule and although it was possible to enter the country as a traveler, visa requirements were strict, entry into the country was tedious and the av

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China ~ The Early Years

Gaddafi was my Neighbor, and a Baby Sparrow Fetus Highlighted the Menu

 My how things have changed……

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Visa Upon Arrival

It is possible to acquire a visa upon arrival at certain destinations with great savings.

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Safari Should Rein Supreme At The Top Of Each Bucket List

Of all the exciting worldwide destinations offered the willing traveler, safari surely is one that reaps momentous rewards for those who chose to visit the wonder that is Africa.

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