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Having reached the quaint town of Bariloche, Argentina, a haven for sports enthusiasts in all seasons, it is a friendly town with swiss-styled chocolates a local specialty, favored among both residents and visitors. A true highlight of your visit will be to board the first of three ferries at Puerto Panuelo that carries you across Lake Nahuel Haupaui with views of the beautiful architecture that blends into the hillsides of this popular mountain resort. Your hour-long crossing brings you to Puerto Blest for a short bus transfer to Puerto Alegre, where another ferry crosses the second of three lakes, bringing you to Puerto Frias. The grandeur of the surrounding environs cannot be overstated. It is here that you will pass through immigration and custom formalities for entry into Chile.

Time is set aside for a leisurely lunch, for thereafter the final ferry cruise takes you across beautiful Emerald Lake, the final crossing before the completion of your journey through one of the most spectacular natural settings on the continent. Weather permitting, the views of the nearby snow-capped mountains add to the splendor of the terrain.

First Cabin often begins touring of South America with a first stop in Manaus, Brazil to view the “meeting of the waters” where the Rio Negro and Solimoes Rivers flow beside each other for miles before blending to form the might Amazon. The itinerary continues with a stop in Rio de Janerio, Iguacu Falls, Buenos Aires, Santiago, and on to Cusco, Machu Picchu and an optional extension across Lake Titicaca to La Paz, Bolivia.



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