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Best Priced Luxury Tour by First Cabin is a sampling of our finest destinations proven over the last 27 years to be the most popular. These exciting itineraries, offered at our lowest price point ever, could best be described as an incredibly fine, unexpected bargain. Luxury touring at an affordable price. Consider that you will have your accommodation reserved at the finest boutique 4-Star properties, highly valued for their level of comfort, cleanliness and cuisine at a price point that goes unmatched within the marketplace. Actually, not even close. 

The First Cabin level of service, proven over the last 25 years to be steadfast and focused on quality is the same level of service that will be provided on our “Special Offer” tours. The defining difference is that instead of staying at a 5-Star, highly enriched amenity hotel, you will be accommodated at the finest 4-Star boutique hotel on site. At times, it will be a 5-Star property. The level of service remains exactly the same as if you were traveling on a Custom Luxury Tour with First Cabin, renowned for the quality of service at every location and on every occasion.

For those who choose 5-star luxury, First Cabin clearly provides the finest assortment of accommodations available, which will include all of the most luxurious amenities afforded by a stay at a 5-Star resort, often becoming one of the more memorable highlights of a journey. One need only visit Custom Touring on the First Cabin website to begin creating the dream holiday to whichever region of the globe seems most attractive. First Cabin will provide assistance in creating the itinerary and in choosing the finest properties available at the selected destinations.

First Cabin encourages you to compare itineraries and prices with all other companies offering tours to our selected destinations. A careful reading of the day-day itinerary, method of transport, class of hotel, meal plan, number of cities and attractions visited and whether offering a private driver and guide will clearly define the choice. We feel confident that it will be First Cabin.

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