Boutique Inns and Hotels

November 17, 2014

In recent years, with the loosening of economic regulations within the formerly restrictive countries in Southeast Asia, local entrepreneurs have invested their monies into local, family run hotels and inns, providing travelers with an excellent choice when seeking a form of quality accommodation at a reasonable price.

Travelers who choose to spend the majority of their day in exploration, while returning to their accommodation at the end of a long day for a night of rest will find these a perfect choice for their style of travel. The boutique-styled accommodations do not offer the amenities of a 5-Star property, which likely will boast internationally acclaimed dining, cascading pools, an award-wining Spa and a typically stylish location. However, the boutiques are comfortable, clean and secure at a price point that will be attractive to those who simply seek a night of rest.

For some, returning to their chosen accommodation after a day’s touring and enjoying the many 5-Star amenities that a resort can offer is as meaningful a pleasure on their journey as is visiting the treasured highlights that a destination may offer. It is this combination of touring and luxuriating that makes the journey all the more memorable. Certainly it comes at a higher price, however, there are grander comforts and rewards. 

First Cabin offers both 5-Star and 4-Star accommodations for the majority of its itineraries, with the same excellence of ground service whichever option is chosen. Private vehicle, private driver and guide accompany the traveler to all of the sites within the itinerary and return the traveler safely back, at a time of their choosing, to the accommodation previously selected. While touring, a traveler has the option to stay on site for a short visit or an extended length of time, go on to visit each and every shop to be found or none at all and return to their abode by late afternoon to enjoy some of its fine amenities or continue on with the itinerary as written to experience all that a day’s journey might provide. Custom touring with private driver and guide cannot be overstated, and with First Cabin it comes as a genuinely unexpected bargain.

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