“Delhi Belly” – A Simple Solution

February 8, 2013

For most if not all, there comes a modicum of anxiety while preparing for a holiday tour to the Third World about the possibility of contracting a case of “Delhi-Belly.” No doubt, one should avoid certain foods such as dairy products and uncooked vegetables, however, there is no need to deny oneself the opportunity to savor some of the excellent cuisines of the world prepared at the finer hotels if one simply prepares in advance and follows through on their commitment. Those many cans of tuna fish and jars of peanut butter surely can be left in the cupboard at home, if for no other reason than to avoid penalties for overweight luggage. Part of the enjoyment on tour is to relish some of the fine cuisines of the world and the Third World has a wide assortment of new flavors to relish as part of the journey.

In preparation for departure, one key item that must be packed is a small container of anti-biotic hand wash or a package of hand wipes. With that along, and in all instances prior to taking any hand held foods, such as breads or pastries, it is imperative that one cleanses their hands in preparation before the meal. It is a proven fact that most illness is not a result of the food itself, rather what one has transferred from their hands to the food and thereafter ingests as part of the meal. Imagine the local currency that one has counted, the hands in the village that one might have held, the door handles that one opened and the innumerable other opportunities on tour that allows for a transfer of interesting spices onto one’s hands and thereafter into one’s digestive tract. Should one not have cleansed their hands prior to reaching for a piece of delicious bread or pastry, the outcome is in peril.

It has been shown that when one follows this simple cleansing prior to mealtime, the chance of acquiring “Delhi Belly” has been minimalized, thus allowing one to enjoy their meals without the worry of sickness.

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