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Little doubt may there be that one of the finest accommodations in the world of luxury travel is the Mandarin-Oriental in Bangkok, Thailand. Those who have enjoyed the pleasure of a stay at the Oriental might point to the unparalleled excellence of cuisine at their many fine restaurants, an evening’s classical music performance in the main lobby, the colorful passage of boat traffic along the Chao Phraya River aside the hotel or the uncommonly found excellence of the staff, who seemingly know the name of every guest and who cordially and genuinely attend to the minutest of details in satisfying the request of each and every resident.

Beyond the ambiance and understated elegance of the hotel itself, lies the magnificence of the Oriental Spa, situated an enchanting river crossing away from dockside. When embarking upon the short transfer to the Spa, one is embraced by the beauty of the landscaped grounds, the genuine pleasure of passing through the Author’s lounge and the blissful transfer by shuttle boat across the gentle waters of the Chao Phraya to the splendor of the teakwood carved site of the Oriental Spa.

Upon arrival, the exuberance of ones welcome is genuinely filled with warmth and grace, the ambiance inspired by its serene setting and the majesty of its surroundings dictate a near perfect creation for total relaxation. Slipping into a comfortable robe, one is led to their private room where a wealth of pleasures beckons the willing participant. Be it a “Jet-Lag” massage or one of the many glorious offerings upon their menu of delicacies, seldom, if ever, does a visitor leave unrewarded.

A word to the wise encourages a traveler considering an appointment at the Spa to make their reservations well in advance, weeks if not months ahead. The Spa has attracted wide acclaim from both local residents and travelers. A well-timed reservation insures that not only will one have the grand opportunity of visiting the Spa, but at a time that fits well within their schedule of events.

Booking a reservation in advance at the Oriental Spa is made quite easy by visiting the Spa online to reserve an appointment:

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