Journey The Mekong To Ben Tre

December 10, 2015

Join your private boatman and guide as you embark on a daylong excursion up river on the Mekong to Ben Tre province, Vietnam, famous for its coconut plantations and peaceful waterways. Upon arrival, enjoy a “Xe Loi” (cyclo) ride through the local village of Huu Dinh, followed by a private boat cruise through the small canals of the Delta waterway.

En route, visit some of the local enterprises, where villagers are making brick in their kilns, producing fresh rice noodles for consumption and rice paper to be shipped to the Saigon marketplace. Switch your mode of transport to a small sampan taking you through the narrow backwaters to the home of a private family, where you will experience first hand how daily life on the Delta is both challenging and serene.

Some 20 minutes from My Tho, this sleepy village has always been one ferry ride away from becoming a major tourist attraction. Although it remains a hidden treasure, more and more visitors are finding its place as a true and genuine highlight when visiting Vietnam.

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