Luxury Safari To Africa

December 8, 2019

Luxury on safari to Africa is meaningful in every sense of the word. Choice of the proper camp is meaningful in a variety of ways. One must touch the canvas to realize that a tent is your accommodation for the night. Newer Land Rover vehicles that provides greater comfort, with fewer travelers in the camp, resulting in a camaraderie at mealtime, and few vehicles out while in search of game, not having a score of other vehicles surround the animal once spotted on safari.

Sundowner cocktails, hot showers, and sumptuous meals await your return from the bush. Many of the finer camps are on private concessions, which mean that you can go off-road and into the tree line in search of the elusive prey. Nighttime safaris also are available at certain camps, while not at others.

There are a great many factors determining whether your safari will be in the category of luxurious and price need not be the determining factor. Surely a luxury camp will not be inexpensive, however there are a certain number that genuinely offer value for money spent. It is in these camps that you will find that animals have not been surrounded by hordes of travelers over the years and have a natural reaction when found in the bush. Camps that house a great many travelers per night are the same camps that have sent those hundreds of visitors out on safari to find the same number of animals in the very same habitat. It is well worth the extra expenditure to find yourself in a camp where on safari you will find animals not accustomed to a daily dose of surrounding vehicles and far more likely to make your find one of excitement and a far greater thrill

First Cabin has led safaris to Africa since its inception in 1989 with a proven track record of offering excellent choices that key on value for the dollar while in search of the “Big Five” within the animal kingdom.

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