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First Cabin’s expertise began in 1963 when its owner Robert Kenyon began his tour of duty with the United States Marine Corps in Southeast Asia, His resulting passion for exploration and travel led him eventually to open First Cabin Travel intent on offering the finest in custom touring at an uncommonly reasonable price.

Since 1989 First Cabin has offered custom tour experiences with private car, private driver, and private guide, inclusive of accommodation, breakfast and lunch on selected itineraries beginning at $235 per person per day. And that with a quality tour experience that has resulted in the mainstay of bookings being derived from repeat clientele and their enthusiastic referrals.

No doubt that the internet is ripe with offereings from tour operators that seem rich in value and cheap in price. The wise traveler will carefully check the fine print and ask a vigorous round of questions. For a start, it would be wise to read a corollary blog titled, Have You Seen My Driver, that offers a guideline to consider when in search of a reputable tour operator to handle your travel plans.

The easiest path when considering an itinerary with First Cabin is to visit our Special Offer tours or click on our Custom Tour page, scroll to the bottom and begin to plan your preferred itinerary, listing the travel season, length of stay and a first draft version of what are the highlights of your would-be dream holiday. You may also choose the country destinations and First Cabin will provide that first draft for you to review and help modify to insure that the proposed itinerary meets all of your needs.

As with all of our previous clientele, your first tour experience with First Cabin is highly unlikely to be your last.

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