Luxury Travel To Jaisalmer, India

December 25, 2019

Travel across the desert sands to the land of the Bhatti princes and the ancient capital city of Jaisalmer. The oldest and by far the most beautiful of capital cities of old Rajasthan, Jaisalmer will captivate you with both its natural and man-made beauty. 

Wander into the havelis, the elaborate, traditional mansions of the merchants who, in the last century, displayed their wealth in an exuberance of architecture enlivened by the magical and colorful frescoes adorning each and every wall.

Continuing on with an exploration of Jaisalmer Fort and the magnificent Jain Temples leads one to the greater highlights of the journey, upon entry into the Jain Temple archway. Extraordinary in detail, this spectacular gathering of temples, each unique, all remarkable, will leave a lasting impression upon you.

Jaisalmer Fort remains remains one of the living forts within the world, home to residents who in their genuine friendliness welcome you to visit their environs. Some 800 years old, it is the second oldest fort within Rajasthan and is worth the journey to visit, and time permitting, to enjoy an encampment outside the city in the sand dunes that surround the area.

First Cabin has led travelers to India, since its inception in 1989, with travelers returning with fond memories of the innumerable and varied sites to visit across the breadth of the county.

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