Myanmar (Burma) The Time Is Now

February 6, 2013

Today one can walk the marble tiles surrounding the magnificence of the Shwedagon Pagoda, finding a mere handful of visiting tourists, traverse the plains at Bagan amidst the hundreds of chortans, pagodas and temples, remnants from the time when this site was the capital of Buddhism, whilst hearing only the trotting of hoofs upon the ground and the whistle of the wind among the trees. The opportunity is there, for the moment. All too soon, with the restrictions on travel now lifted, the country will experience an overwhelming abundance of visiting travelers. Hoteliers, who ran near empty for decades, will now find both businessmen and tourists competing for room nights. In Bagan alone, Burma lays plans for 100,000 visiting tourists each year.

There is no other place in travel that offers the beauty and fascinations found in Myanmar (Burma). The Shwedagon Pagoda alone is reason enough to make the journey. In addition, consider the leg rowers of Inle Lake, the splendid panorama of chortans and pagodas that dot the plains surrounding Bagan and a people ever so warm and gracious in their welcome to visiting travelers. Soon it will be different, never again the same.

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