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However enjoyable and exciting a holiday tour may be, particularly when traveling through Third World countries, come the end of the journey, one can feel a bit worn, however grand the experience. On most occasions, should ones schedule allow, it is wise to extend the tour by a day or so, just to relax for those hours prior to making the onward passage back home.

Surprisingly, most travelers give thought to a post-tour extension, be it to visit another site or simply to relax prior to returning homeward, after having commenced travel. The traveler then learns that once they have commenced their journey, having flown “Over Water” to the gateway city, any changes in ticketing, even extending the return by 24 hours will incur a severe penalty, at such a high rate that most travelers choose to forgo the extension and head home.

Whenever planning an overseas holiday, one should consider whether staying an extra day or so would add to the pleasure of the journey. If so, before departure, one should have the tickets written to include an extra day or so at the end of the tour.

Planning the journey, while comfortably resting at home usually does not generate thoughts about how that added day or two would be so well appreciated at the end of a holiday tour. Those restful hours after the conclusion of the itinerary will allow one to rekindle their strength and better prepare for the long flight home.

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