Best Valued Private Touring

February 8, 2014

One simple way to lower the cost of a tour, yet enjoy the exact same First Cabin excellence of service in transport, reliability, comfort and expertise in choice of itinerary and guiding services is to choose a lesser Star hotel. Choose either a 3 – 4 Star hotel and First Cabin will create a 1st draft itinerary offering the finest value and best accommodation for that Star level. All recommended hotels chosen by First Cabin would meet the highest of standards within their Star rating.

Travelers generally have different criteria when choosing where to put their head to pillow after a day of touring while on holiday. For some, the amenities enjoyed at a 5-Star hotel rate as some of the best highlights of the journey, while for others, their main focus is on exploring the sites and wonders offered at the destination, with the hotel simply chosen as a place of rest for the night. Both have merit and with First Cabin, travelers can choose a lesser Star hotel, while being assured that the First Cabin service while out on tour reigns supreme.

It is well noted that many of the 5 Star properties offered in most countries provide a setting and style of service that cannot be equaled. The grandiose setting and treasured amenities offered at these fine hotels does embellish ones enjoyment while traveling and provides a comfort level that rejuvenates the body, allowing one to enjoy the experience all the more, making the decision purely a matter of personal choice.

The true benefit of traveling First Cabin comes in knowing that whether a traveler chooses a 3 or 4 Star accommodation, the renowned service offered by First Cabin will be at equal level. There will be no worry that someone will be there to meet the plane, provide the transport in a comfortable vehicle, assist with check-in at the hotel and honor the commitment in offering excellence in guiding the tour at the wondrous sites that the destination has to offer. 

Simply choose the link Custom Tours and let us know your ideas about where and how you would like to be accommodated at one of our highlighted destinations or begin to plan your own module and First Cabin will be there to recommend and guide you in creating the perfect holiday.

Book Your Luxury, Personalized Itinerary Well In Advance of Your Departure Date and Qualify for a 10% Discount On Land Arrangements.