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Hoi An, located some 10 kilometers from the city of Da Nang, centuries ago gained notoriety as a trading post along the Silk Road. It took on importance as a seaport during the golden age of the Cham Kingdom between the 9th and 12th centuries and increasingly so during the 17th and 18th centuries as an international port of call. Viable remnants of that era remain, with the Chinese Temple, the Japanese Bridge and the Clan House, all a rich part of the historical treasures that help make Ho An a real pleasure to visit.

The town has become a major tourist attraction, with its narrow lanes filled with a wide variety of craft shops, a colorful marketplace and a wide assortment of local eateries, some of which can be found at dockside where the fishermen continuously captain their craft to ply the waters of the South China Sea. One memorable way to visit the town is by cyclo, its peddalers anxious to provide their friendly service. Not to be missed is a stroll along the miles-long stretch of sandy beach while observing the local fishermen, some of whom use their woven baskets as fishing craft paddled out to deeper sea as they test the local waters.

The pleasure of ones stay is greatly enhanced by reserving accommodations at the Nam Hai Resort, situated nearby the pristine sandy shoreline of the South China Sea. To many, it is considered the finest resort in all of Southeast Asia. The setting is simply magnificent. Its terraced pools cascade from its main landing down to shoreline, the cuisine at mealtime is genuinely supreme and its renowned Spa offers a wide range of facial and body treatments.

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