Safari Should Top Each Bucket List

November 26, 2019

While on safari, awaken to the brilliance of an African sunrise. The richness of color sets the forest afire with the glowing reds and shimmering yellows of the newborn day. It is this experience of sight, sound, and emotion that causes so many to return and some never to leave this continent called Africa. Continue on safari across this expansive private concession which is reminiscent of Old Africa ~ where animals are shy and wild and have yet to be affected by hordes of safari adventurers. It is a rare opportunity, and one that shall be treasured over a lifetime of wondrous memories. Your return to camp is welcomed by the genuinely attentive staff who will see to your ever need and prepare the setting for another culinary delight.

Rise early and let your senses thrill to the heartbeat of Africa – the sights and sounds of an early morning safari. It is at this time of day that you will find the activity on safari to be at its peak, and an early riser seldom goes unrewarded. Your expert guide will teach you the methods of tracking – be it a lion’s print in the sand, a cheetah’s spoor aside the road, the agitation and movement of small deer and birdlife, each an integral component in the search for the more elusive of species. The thrill of the search, the spliendor of the topography, the freshness of the air and the propinquity to nature, all enhanced by the sighing of animals in the wild form lifelong memories.

Begin your morning on safari in your quest for the elusive “Big Five” of the animal kingdom, the lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and Cape buffalo. The best of safari camps are designed for the wildlife enthusiast, the photographer and those who wish to experience Africa in its natural, untamed state. As your Land Rover takes you into the bush, making its own pathway where needed, experience an open-air, close-up view of the unspoiled natural setting of these environs and the animals that inhabit its domain. Allow yourself to feel the exciting thrill of the pursuit and the capture, by photograph or memory of animals in the wild. It is here on safari that you will forever gain an understanding of the feeling and the spirit of this fascinating continent. The warmest of welcomes awaits your return to camp where you will find both wine and feast to appease the heartiest of appetites. Visit First Cabin’s Special Offer section and read through one of the most popular Africa itineraries or take note from there and expand your horizons by contacting us for a speciaized custom tour to your chosen venue to view the magnificence of the animal kingdom.

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