Single Supplement ~ Costly Addition

February 13, 2013

A single supplement added to the tour cost is certainly not well-received nor generally considered fair in the mind of a single traveler, however, hoteliers decided that the cleaning of a room used by a single occupant is nearly as time consuming as doing it for a double. Be it that the single traveler uses an extra towel, pulls a nicely tucked pillow from the other bed, scatters their belongings far and wide or for whatever variety of reasons, the decision has been made and the policy set in place. At First Cabin, no additional cost is added to the amount charged for reserving a single accommodation. 

Assuming that one does really want to travel, yet for whatever reasons chooses not to pay the supplement, one option does exist – the shared accommodation. Please read carefully the following caveat that is included on the About Your Tour page of this website. 

Shared Accommodations:

Upon request, First Cabin will attempt to find a companion traveler who is willing to consider the sharing of accommodations. Certainly, the shared camaraderie and release from the single supplement is a tempting option and may result in a wonderful holiday. Should the blend of personalities be less than malleable, the treasured holiday could easily fall into a different category altogether, making the return home a true highlight. One should seriously consider their personal needs and their priorities before committing to such an arrangement and if possible, meet with their potential roommate beforehand.

The good news is that if you are capable of swallowing that pill and journey as a single, one can be assured that the convenience, comfort and privacy that a single accommodation affords the traveler will be returned ten-fold over the course of a holiday tour. This is not perhaps; this is for certain.

On the other hand, there has come many a friendship afforded those who shared accommodation on tour. It truly comes down to finding a good match and having a willingness to understand that there are two individuals within a confined space, at the same time, often trying to accomplish a similar goal. Add a sense of humor into the mix and it is more than likely that the shared companionship will become one of the major highlights of the entire touring experience. Not to mention the savings!

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