A Travelers’ Questionnaire

February 5, 2013

1. King _________ continues his rule over __________, the land of the Thunder Dragon.

2. The __________ Delta located in Botswana comprises ____________square miles of waterborne wilderness.

3. Mount Fuji, located in __________, stands at ____________feet and is located near the shore of Lake ___________.

4. Timbuktu is located in __________, West Africa

5. The Mogul ruler ____________ moved his captial city from Agra due to a lack of _________to the Sandstone city of __________.

6. Jim Thompson, the renowned silk magnate of  ___________, was last seen alive at ___________.

7. The _____brothers donated much of their jade collection, formerly housed in the _________ to the National Museum in ________.

8. The former capital of Thailand, __________ was overrun in __________ by ______________mauraders.


Answers below:


1. Wangchuck, Bhutan

2. Okavango, 7,000

3. Japan, 12,365, Ashi

4. Mali

5. Akbar, Water, Fatephur Sikri

6. Thailand, Cameroon Highlands

7. Aw, Jade House, Singapore

8. Ayudhua, 1737, Burmese

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