Why First Cabin?

Expertise & Experience!

It began in 1963 when Robert Kenyon, President of First Cabin, first journeyed throughout the Asia Basin. From those first experiences came a passion for travel that grew ever stronger and led to the inception of First Cabin Travel in 1989.

It continues with the expertise that 26 years of operation has provided us in creating and implementing each and every itinerary. Having visited some 172 countries over the years, some more than on 35 occasions, he knows first hand what is available, not having to rely on ground operators to so advise, most of whom have become life-long friends. Robert Kenyon is involved with writing all of the itineraries chosen for travel and will assist his clientele in customizing their chosen tour to insure that it is the holiday plan of their dreams.

It is embellished by the selection of tour guides en route who have the training and knowledge to explain in detail the many facets of what each destination has to offer the willing traveler.

It thrives on the experience gathered from being on site, in the field. Each itinerary is well groomed for its important sites, finest accommodations and timely arrival and departure plan.

Value! Rather easily defined when it comes to worldwide touring.

Quality of hotel, in and of itself separates First Cabin from all others. Be it a client’s choice of a 4-star boutique hotel or a 5-star luxurious accommodation, rest assured that it is the finest available and at the most affordable cost.

Given the fact that most travelers visit sites such as the Taj Mahal, the Amazon, Machu Picchu, Angkor Wat, the continent of Africa and similar destinations just once in their lifetime, it simply makes good sense to insure that the holiday is a dream come true and the memories happy ones. In so doing, one should choose a company that has the ability and the reputation to take you there in as fine a style, in as professional a manner, and in as smooth a transition as can be provided. Measured value is best calculated by degree of quality. Of interest is a Blog titled, “Have You Seen My Driver” found on our Luxury Blog site on the home page.

First Cabin will always welcome an “apple to apple” comparison of our tour programs with any other in the marketplace. The comprehensive nature of our itineraries, the quality of hotel selection, our select meal plan, along with our well educated, local guides are some of the more important parameters one should consider.

First Cabin is committed to having each client return home with a renewed zest for travel and is most proud to acknowledge that the vast majority of bookings come from repeat clientele and their ever-so-enthusiastic referrals. Since 1989, those referrals from satisfied clients have been the mainstay of our business at First Cabin.

Once you have had the opportunity to make the comparisons, we welcome you to contact us, either for a booking on one of our custom tours or to begin to experience the excitement and pleasure of designing your own custom tour.