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Elephants have long been used within the timber industry in Southeast Asia, particularly in Thailand and in Myanmar (Burma). With environments efforts increasingly successful at saving the forests within vast regions of the world, it had a corollary impact on the livelihood of the elephants, providing it a hiatus from the strenuous conditions in which these animals were made to work.

In 2011, in Myanmar, a family that earned their living within the timer industry chose to rescue some of the elephants deemed no longer fit to work in the forests. The goal was to rescue these animals as well as provide them a habitat in which to heal as well as teach local residents with information that would lead them to treat these animals in a more caring fashion.

The elephant camp acquired a number of elephants in 2012 and with the support of local and foreign tourism, the funds received has allowed the camp to fully care for these animals in their aging years.

Together with educating the local populace about the elephant, efforts are underway to replenish the forest that were destroyed by the timber industry. 

The Green Hill Elephant camp was founded by Htun and Maw who have worked in the tourism industry for over two decades and it is they who decided to introduce ethical tourism to Myanmar with the use of rescued elephants.

Their onsite Veterinarian had worked in the timber industry with elephants for some 30 years and has brought a wealth of experience to the camp. 


Situated outside of Kalaw, travelers are welcome to visit and learn more about the care of the animals and the plans for environmentally friendly projects in mind with the entire team at Green Hill.

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