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Tree growth over ruins at Angkor

Luxury-Styled Tours With First Cabin

Since 1989 First Cabin has provided luxury-styled tours to destinations worldwide. Below is an example of what have long been our client’s favorite itineraries. Certainly there are more regions that we cover beyond what you find as examples and we also welcome the opportunity to craft a personalized custom itinerary.

Roadway to Bayon in Angkor Wat Cambodia

Hanoi To Angkor Wat

Begin your exploration of Southeast Asia with arrival into Bangkok. Wing your way above the jungle carpet to Hanoi and on to southern Vietnam, over to Angkor Wat in Cambodia and north to Laos.

Lion mane in Botswana

Adventure To Africa

Safari in Africa is perhaps the finest travel experience offered. The hunt and capture in memory or by photo of animals in the wild cannot be overstated. Each safari, be it traversing the veld, sighting wild animal or simply colorful birdlife reigns supreme.

Riverside at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

Asian Escapade

Enjoy the very finest of amenities and touring sites when visiting Bangkok and Hua Hin, Thailand with an excursion that wings you to Angkor Wat in Cambodia to stroll among the magnificence of its ruins.

Beijing Temple of Heaven

China Explorer

Modern China offers the willing traveler an array of stark contrasts between its agrarian past and its present day scenes of ultra-modern skylines within its major cities. And for those having visited China in the past, return again for the first time!

Shah Jahan Taj Mahal

Highlights Of India

The wonder that is India provides one of the greatest diversities of treasured sites available to a traveler. Former palaces as accommodation, no two scenes alike, and the grandeur of its historical landmarks place it at the top tier of destinations.

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South America Discovered

South America is as diverse in culture and scenic highlights as can be found when considering destinations. Visits to Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Peru, with an option onward to Lake Titicaca and Bolivia offers a wealth of treasured and wondrous highlights.

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