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Thien Mu Pagoda Hue Vietnam
Roadway to Bayon in Angkor Wat Cambodia

Hanoi To Angkor Wat - 18 Days
Land Arrangements PP $7,690
In-country Airfare PP $1,790

Begin your exploration of Southeast Asia with arrival into Bangkok. Wing your way above the jungle carpet to Hanoi and on to southern Vietnam, over to Angkor Wat in Cambodia and north to Laos.

Itineraries 1

Adventure to Africa – 12 Days
Land Arrangements PP $9,690
In-country Airfare PP $1,485

Awaken to the brilliance of an African sunrise. The richness of color sets the forest afire with the glowing reds and shimmering yellows of the newborn day, a perfect time to find animals in the wild.

Riverside at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

Asian Escapade - 11 Days
Land Arrangements PP $4,390
In-Country Airfare PP $570

Arrival Bangkok, where the genuine friendliness of the Thai people will surely warm your heart. Formerly known as Siam, it is your gateway to a colorful and exciting escapade within Southeast Asia.

Itineraries 2

Best of Southeast Asia - 24 Days
Land Arrangements PP $10,290
In-Country Airfare PP $2,190

Begin your journey in Bangkok City, and thereafter on private tour across the breadth of Southeast Asia, visiting the finest of highlights in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and the wonder that is Burma.

Shah Jahan Taj Mahal

Highlights Of India - 15 Days
Land Arrangements PP $6,970
In-country Airfare PP $985

Upon arrival into the wonder that is India, one begins to sense a pulsating rhythm that seemingly defines and orchestrates this multi-tiered democracy of over one billion inhabitants.

Itineraries 3

South America Discovered
17 or Optional 21 Days
Land Arrangements PP $7,890/$9,975
In-country Airfare PP $870/$990

South America, originally home to the Inca Empire and the fourth largest continent, is divided among twelve countries, each with a distinct cultural heritage. Visits include Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Bolivia.

Featuring Private SUV, Private Driver, Private Boat & Private Guide

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An Unexpected Bargain

If you chose a luxury tour to South America, China, Southeast Asia or India, had your own private driver and accompanying private guide with breakfast daily within an excellent accommodation, you would necessarily pay an extremely high premium for that quality of service while on your holiday tour.

Not necessarily so!

You might actually pay a similar cost as with a group luxury tour that doesn’t have the same personal attention or the flexibility. Experienced travelers are finding the rewards for customized touring to be genuinely positive. A First Cabin luxury-styled tour allows travelers to experience the best of a particular site, according to their personal preferences while a private driver and guide caters exclusively to their individual needs. With their private SUV, private driver and private guide, the traveler can choose when to begin the tour, spend more or less time at a particular site as they so choose and have the option of ending the day whenever they feel the urge to return to their accommodation or continue on with exploring the sights as shown within their personalized itinerary.

All First Cabin custom tours include the services of a private driver and private guide, with breakfast meals daily, and the selection of an excellent hotel. On a custom tour, the client is met upon arrival in each city, escorted to all sites by private SUV and personal guide, who accompanies them or sees them off safely to their next destination.

Breakfast is included each and every day beginning with the first morning after arrival and ending on the day of departure homeward. Lunch and dinner meals are left for the traveler to choose, with the exception of a certain few venues, such as aboard the vessel on the Yangtze River where all three daily meals are included. Gratuities are left to the traveler’s discretion as well. These adjustments allow the traveler to receive the luxury of a privatized custom tour at a price that is surprisingly affordable. Rather remarkable, really!

First Cabin clients have come to love the option.

Established in 1989 with staff experience in Southeast Asia and the Orient dating back to 1963, it is from those long held, well established connections with tour operators worldwide that provide First Cabin with preferred rates for all services abroad, which we have passed along to our clientele the past 34 years. It is in fact one important reason why most of our bookings are derived from repeat clientele and their ever-so-enthusiastic referrals.

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