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Safari To Africa ~ The Journey Of A Lifetime

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15 Day Itinerary
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Safari To Africa

Favorite Itinerary

Day 01 / Depart United States

Today’s departure wings you to Johannesburg and the wonder that is Africa.

South Africa

Day 02 /Arrival Johannesburg, South Africa

Upon arrival, after completing immigration and custom formalities, your private guide will meet you in the arrival hall and accompany you to your hotel. For those early arrivals, a city tour will be planned for late morning. Thereafter, the guide and driver will meet and greet the second arrival and accompany them to the hotel for a night of rest and relaxation. Michelangelo Hotel

Day 03 / Johannesburg ~ Leopard Hills

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast prior to joining your flight transfer to the most famous game reserve of all, Sabi Sands Game Reserve, adjacent to South Africa’s flagship Kruger National Park, it offers a safari experience found nowhere else in the world. Game viewing possibilities are unparalleled, including the much sought-after ‘Big 5’. There are no fences between Kruger Park and the Sabi Sands Game Reserve, so wildlife roam freely in this huge natural environment. Leopard Hills sits on a rocky outcrop, offering spectacular views over the bush and the natural waterhole across the outstretched plains. Covering some 25,000 acres of diverse ecosystems, from open plains in the South, to the Riverine bush along the banks of the Sand River, it is ideally suited to provide the finest in game viewing while on your safari adventure. (B, L, D)

Day 04 / Leopard Hills

Awake to the sounds of Africa, ready to board your Land Rover vehicle as you eagerly return to the bush to experience the early morning activity within the wild. The morning sun will add brilliance to the many photographic opportunities offered at each and every sighting. After a leisurely lunch, revisit the bush this late afternoon and search another of the animal habitats that spread far and wide across the beautiful savannah. Upon completion of your game drive, enjoy a relaxing sundowner beverage as you sit with your fellow travelers to compare the sights and experiences of another exciting day on safari. (B, L, D)


Day 05 / Leopard ~ Maun ~ Machaba Camp

A last morning’s safari awaits the adventuresome prior to your departure from Leopard Hills to the breadth of the magnificent Okavango Delta and your tented campsite at Machaba. The Okavango Delta is one of the last remaining unspoiled wilderness areas of Africa. The Delta is fed by the floodwaters of Central Africa and covers an area of some 16,000 square kilometers. These waters fan out into the Okavango Delta forming a wetland system of beautiful palm-fringed channels, lagoons and islands that support a wealth of fauna and flora alike. Machaba affords guests privacy and exclusivity. The camp offers a warm community atmosphere with just 12 tented accommodations allowing for guests to unwind in the tented main area or the bar, with nightcap in hand, before retiring to their personal tents for the for a restful night, aside from the sound of a hippo that may come to munch on the grasses surrounding the camp. (B, L, D)

Day 06 / Machaba Camp

Machaba, allows for genuine safaris, where you will find the animals are still curious and approachable. Board your Land Rover this morning and let the thrill of safari take hold as you cross marshlands and veld, finding truly unique adventures in an expansive setting where safari members are limited in number to a select few. Day’s end is very special at Machaba as sunset is not only known for the hues, which color the landscape, but also that this is the time of day that animals and birds come down to the waterways to drink, offering a photographic gemstone. Return to camp to enjoy the pleasure of exchanging tales of wildlife sightings with your fellow residents and enjoying a delicious dinner. (B, L, D)

Day 07 / Machaba Camp

The campsites chosen within Botswana provide you the greatest opportunity to find game amidst an unspoiled, natural setting, never surrounded by scores of safari vehicles. This fact alone makes the journey an unforgettable pleasure. These luxurious campsites astound visitors with the amenities made available for one’s comfort. Each day brings another adventure, another opportunity to search the wild and relish the magnificence and splendor found abundant throughout this habitat. Each day begins with a new plan, a different route, chosen for the best sightings. Dusk brings a multitude of animals to the waterways to drink; the time is an excellent chance to relish one of Africa’s most spectacular presentations, a radiant sunset across the golden savannah. A return to camp, as always, brings a warm welcome, a chance for your favorite sundowner beverage and a gourmet selection of haute cuisine. (B, L, D)

Day 08 / Machaba Camp ~ Stanley’s Camp

Complete your stay at Machaba with a last morning safari, whether sighting birdlife, the splendor of an African sunrise, the beauty of the topography or a lion kill in the bush, each and every safari experience offers its own beauty and thrill. Join your charter flight to Stanley Camp. A private concession comprising some 260,000 acres, it borders the Moremi Game Reserve, and offers a wide diversity of animal sighting. One unique feature of the camp is the opportunity for a safari walk with the elephants. The experience offers a totally different perspective from that while riding the Land Rovers across the land. Another unique feature of the camp is to join your guide on a nighttime safari, once again offering a totally different safari adventure while in search of animal in the wild. (B, L, D)

Day 09 / Stanley’s Camp

Rise early this morning and let your senses thrill to the heartbeat of Africa ~ the sights and sounds of an early morning safari. It is at this time of day that you will find the activity on safari to be at its peak, and an early riser seldom goes unrewarded. Your expert guide will teach you the methods of tracking ~ be it a lion’s print in the sand, a cheetah’s spoor aside the road, the agitation and movement of small deer and birdlife, each an integral component in the search for the more elusive of species. The thrill of the trek, the splendor of the topography, the freshness of the air and the propinquity to nature, all enhanced by the sighting of animals in the wild form lifelong memories. One of the greater pleasures on safari is to stop for a sundowner cocktail while in the bush, and thereafter a return to camp to be warmly greeted by staff, followed by a warm shower, and the exchange of tales of the great sightings available that day while on safari. (B, L, D)


Day 10 / Stanley’s Camp ~ Victoria Falls River Lodge

A last safari prior to leaving camp and transferring by air to Kasane and then by road to the Victoria Falls River Lodge. It is the first private game lodge set in the Zambezi National Park. This luxury-tented lodge is situated on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River ~ so close to Victoria Falls one can see the spray in the distance. Each private viewing deck affords spectacular views of the river and surrounding natural flora and invites guests to sit back and relax whilst watching the hippos wallow. An afternoon game drive introduces you to the many The care provided guests by the well-appointed staff makes the pleasure of your stay one of the more enjoyable while on safari. (B, L, D)

Day 11 / Victoria Falls River Lodge

Return from your morning game drive and after a leisurely breakfast join your private guide for a walking tour nearby the falls where, should the rains have fallen heavily this season, you will marvel at the powerful force and beautiful surroundings of this natural creation. Twice the size of Niagara Falls in both height and breadth, your walking tour will take you aside the thunder and the spray of this magnificent sight. Return to your lodge for a leisurely lunch prior to joining in the afternoon game drive that takes you into the park to continue your search for animals in the wild. (B, L, D)


Day 12 / Victoria Falls River Lodge ~ Sausage Tree Camp

Having ventured into the bush for a last morning game drive, join your connecting flight to lower Zambezi and the luxury of the Sausage Tree Camp, a splendid choice to end your safari experience across the wonder that is Africa. The choices are many. Join your guide in the Land Rover, by canoe or boat, afoot or all of the above. The location of the camp allows for a true safari experience. (B, L, D)

Day 13 / Sausage Tree Camp

Begin your morning on safari in your quest for the elusive “Big Five” of the animal kingdom. The Royal Zambezi is designed for the wildlife enthusiast, the photographer and those who wish to experience Africa in its natural, untamed state. Your eyes open to new horizons, new images. As your Land Rover takes you into the bush, making its own pathway where needed, experience an open-air, close-up view of the unspoiled natural setting of these environs and the animals that inhabit its domain. Allow yourself to feel the excitement of the hunt, the thrill of the pursuit and the capture, by photograph or memory of animals in the wild. It is here on safari that you will forever gain an understanding of the feeling and the spirit of this fascinating continent. The warmest of welcomes awaits your return to camp where you will find both wine and feast to appease the heartiest of appetites. (B, L, D)

Day 14 / Sausage Tree Camp

Continue your search for animal in the wild, perhaps on foot, by canoe or by Land Rover; the choice is yours for the asking. Capture by eye and lens the magnificence of birdlife, the colorful leopard, elephant, buffalo and hippos, the more elusive the animal, the greater the find, and the stronger the memory. Your safari guide knows the terrain well, and his sightings of animals across great distance will enable you to enjoy the search, the pursuit and the thrill of encounter with these splendid animals found in the wild. Your safari now complete, return to camp for an evening of relaxation, while enjoying pre-dinner cocktails, followed by yet another sumptuous dinner. (B, L, D)

Day 15 / Sausage Tree Camp – Johannesburg – United States

A morning’s pleasure awaits you as you venture forth one last time into the brush to witness the beauty and magnificence of animals that roam the Delta. Return to enjoy a leisurely breakfast before boarding your return flight to Johannesburg and thereafter an onward return to the United States, carrying with you the abundance of memories that will be rekindled over a lifetime. (B)


Day 1 / United States – Bangkok

Relax and enjoy the exemplary service aboard your chosen airline jetliner as you wing your way across the Pacific bound for the exciting city of Bangkok.


Day 2 / Arrival Bangkok

The innate friendliness and hospitality of the Thai people await your arrival. This storied city of brilliantly colored temples, jewel-bedecked dancers and joyous children splashing in canals will weave its sensuous magic about you. Your private escort who will greet and accompany you to your hotel meets your late evening arrival.

Day 3 / Bangkok

Golden-tiled roofs glowing in the morning sun draw you to riverside to join with your private guide aboard a motorized longboat that will whisk you to the klongs (canals) interlaced within the backwaters that surround the city. Stilted houses dot the banks of the shoreline, with children playing in the waters, passing sampans filled with produce en route to market make the journey a photographer’s delight. Disembark nearby the Thai Royal Palace to visit the exquisite temple of the emerald Buddha. Stroll the grounds as you begin to compare the unique and varied styles of architecture as you begin to distinguish among the Thai, Burmese and Cambodian influences. Return to your hotel for the remainder of the afternoon at leisure, and to find pleasure in some of the offerings among a fine selection of amenities. (B)


Day 4 / Bangkok - Hanoi

Having enjoyed the beauty and glorious surroundings found in Bangkok, it is time to wing your way high above the jungle carpet to Vietnam’s capital city of Hanoi. Founded some 4,000 years ago by the Hung Kings, it shares borders with Cambodia, China, and Laos and claims a magnificent shoreline stretching some 2,000 miles. Your private guide who will accompany for lunch at a popular local restaurant meets your noontime arrival. Thereafter, visit the Temple of Literature; enjoy a cyclo ride through Old Town, a visit to Ngoc Son Temple, and the Hanoi Hilton, where captured Americans were held during the time of conflict. End your day with a performance of water puppets at the Thang Long Theatre. (B/L)

Day 5 / Hanoi ~ Ha Long Bay

This morning, begin your tour with a visit to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, his former private residence, the One-Pillar Pagoda and the Ho Chi Minh Museum, all encased within the center of the city. Upon completing your visits, your private guide will accompany you for a leisurely lunch at one of the more popular restaurants within the city. Thereafter, drive across countryside to Ha Long Bay, one of the most beautiful settings in all of Vietnam. The Bay covers some 930 square miles and is dotted with a myriad of over 3,000 islands. Upon arrival, you will have the remainder of the evening at leisure; perhaps to walk along the sidewalks and pathways found aside the shoreline. (B/L/D)

 Day 6 / Ha Long Bay ~ Hanoi

Begin your day by private charter aside the hundreds of isles and monoliths that comprise one of the most beautiful settings within Vietnam. Shades of emerald from grass and vine, tethered to stately monoliths project their sunlit glow across the placid waters of this peaceful bay. Artists both young and old have tried to capture on canvas or in prose the dynamic and sensual beauty of this region. It will be for you to capture its beauty either in memory or photograph when you cruise the waters of this spectacular bay. Enjoy lunch aboard your vessel prior to joining with your private driver and guide for a return to Hanoi. (B/L)

Day 7 / Hanoi ~ Hué

A morning stroll among the local residents who enjoy their sidewalk exercise completes your visit to Hanoi. Fly to the city of Hué, considered by many to be the most beautiful of all cities within Vietnam. Upon arrival, enjoy a leisurely lunch at a popular local restaurant prior to a drive across the countryside to the Kai Dinh Tomb, one of the more elaborate tombs among Vietnam’s former emperors. Stop by villages, where conical hats, incense sticks and duck raising are their means of livelihood, and lastly, visit the open-air market, where one can find some rather unique and amazing choices. (B/L)

Day 8 / Hué

Board your private launch to cruise the Huong Giang (Perfume) River to the Thien Mu Pagoda, perhaps the most famous in all of Vietnam. Continue to the Ming Manh Tomb. Completed in 1843, its design has elaborate bridges that link the various ceremonial halls, each surrounded by the magnificence of a landscaped natural setting. Enjoy a relaxing lunch in the town and thereafter, visit the expansive Citadel, known as the Forbidden City of Vietnam. It is the site of the fierce battle during the TET offensive of 1968. Return to your accommodation to enjoy an evening at leisure. (B/L)

Day 9 / Hué ~ Danang ~ Hoi An

A morning drive takes you south along the coastal highway across three mountain passes as you view the South China Sea, making your way to the town of Da Nang, where you will visit Marble Mountains. Set along the South China Sea, they depict the harmony between mountain and sea, forming a splendid display of natural color. The staircase leading to the inner caves is your gateway to viewing a temple set within the center of the cave, with sunlight glowing downward from a natural skylight formed at the mountain top. Thereafter, visit the Champa Museum, where you will find an impressive display of statuary dedicated to the former Champa people who held vast territories within the Champa Kingdom. Enjoy lunch within the town followed by the remainder of the afternoon at leisure. (B/L)

Day 10 / Hoi An

Begin your day with a leisurely breakfast, followed by entry into the small town of Hoi An to enjoy a walking tour discovering its history as an international seaport generations ago. The town has become a popular tourist attraction with local artisans busy at work in their craft shops found along the narrow lanes that dot the landscape. Visit the Tan Ky old clan house, the 400-year-old Japanese bridge and the Fukien Assembly Hall. Your morning ends with lunch within the town, and thereafter a return to the hotel for the remainder of the day at leisure, perhaps to enjoy some of the fine amenities offered at the resort. (B/L)

Day 11 / Hoi An ~ Saigon

Fly to Saigon, a city like no other, which welcomes you to partake in all of its offerings, be they a beautiful temple in Cholon, a stroll through the city or simply the purchase of a silk garment as a memento of your visit. Upon arrival, enjoy a relaxing lunch within the city before the start of you tour. Your exploration of the city begins with a visit to Reunification Palace, which was the accommodation for heads of State, a visit to the site of the Notre Dame Cathedral, and the colonial-styled architecture of the inner plaza and dockside, where the never-ending movement of boats ply the waters of the Saigon River, moving both passenger and merchandise to market. Drive to Cholon for a visit to its enormous market prior to arrival at your hotel to enjoy the remainder of the evening at leisure. (B/L)

Day 12 / Excursion: Mekong Delta

Join with your private boatman and guide as you embark on a daylong excursion to Ben Tre province, famous for its coconut plantations and peaceful waterways. Upon arrival, enjoy a “Xe Loi” (cyclo) ride through the local village of Huu Dinh, followed by a private boat cruise through the small canals of the delta waterway. En route, stop at a village brick kiln and thereafter, switch to a private sampan taking you through the narrow backwaters of the delta to the home of a private family. If you choose, you can bicycle from their home to another part of the village where handcrafted sampans are produced. Continue your ride to the home of a former Viet Cong soldier who fought the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and is now making rice paper as his livelihood. Enjoy a five-course lunch at a specialty restaurant within the village before embarking on your private watercraft to return to Ben Tre city. There you will board your private vehicle and return back to Saigon. Your visit to the Mekong complete, enjoy the remainder of the evening at leisure. (B/L)


Day 13 / Saigon ~ Siem Reap (Angkor Wat)

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast and at mid-morning depart for the airport to join your noontime flight to Siem Reap, Cambodia, site for the magnificence of Angkor. Upon arrival, your private driver and guide will accompany you to enjoy lunch within the town. Thereafter, join with your private driver and guide to begin your exploration of these spectacular ruins with a visit to the south gate at Angkor Thom, the site of Bayon, the Royal Enclosure, Elephant Terrace and the Terrace of the Leper King. Return to your accommodation, perhaps to visit the town enjoying the night market and the colorful array of local kiosks and restaurants within the town. (B, L)


Day 14 / Excursion to the Ruins at Angkor

Begin your day with a private boat excursion along the waters of Tonle Sap Lake and the many floating villages that dot the waters landscape. It is a pleasurable journey to a very unique setting. Return for lunch within the town prior to a continuation of your touring of Angkor, beginning with a visit to the Bakan tower at Angkor Wat temple. Travel deeper into the forest for a visit to perhaps the most spectacular ruins at Ta Phrom, which in particular is a photographer’s delight with much of the grounds encased in rooted Banyans, which have overcome the many walls and foundations on site. It is a remarkable temple ruins, one not to be missed and surely not forgotten. Return to your accommodation to enjoy the remainder of the evening at leisure. (B, L)


Day 15 / Siem Reap ~ Luang Prabang

Complete your visit to Angkor with a private boat exploration of the stilted fishing villages along the waterway to expansive Tonle Sap Lake. It is a colorful journey, highlighting life upon the river leading to the expansive lake where fishermen take to the waters by wooden boat. Upon return to Siem Reap, visit Les Artisans D’Angkor where master craftsmen teach the young the art of sculpting and craft design. Many of their creations are beautifully adorned and can make for excellent choices as a memento of your holiday. Enjoy lunch within the town, and thereafter join your onward flight to Luang Prabang. (B, L)

Day 16 / Excursion on the Mekong River

Begin your tour with a visit to the colorful Royal Palace, built in 1904 during the French colonial era for King Sisavang Vong and his family. Thereafter, board your private launch for a journey to the Buddha caves at Pak Ou. While traveling on the Mekong, you will have the opportunity to stop at a village to see a generations-old rice-making mill and stroll through the grounds to see how villagers live their lives along the banks of the Mekong. (B, L)

Myanmar (Burma)

Day 17 / Siem Reap ~ Yangon

A morning drive takes you to the district of Puok for a visit to the silk farm, which maintains a weaving project for young people in the region. You will see all stages of the silk weaving process, from the growing of the mulberry trees, the raising of the silk worms to their life cycle and how the thread is then woven into some of the beautiful silk garments sold within the towns and cities. Thereafter board your flight to Yangon, capital city of Myanmar (Burma), “Land of Pagodas” and one of the world’s least traveled countries. The warm welcome given visiting tourists by the Burmese people adds to the charm and enjoyment of your stay. (B/L)

Day 18 / Yangon

Following breakfast, join with your private guide and driver to visit the Sule Pagoda, dating back over 2,000 years. From there visits will be made to the reclining Buddha, Karaweik Hall, Royal Lake and Bogyoke market to find the greatest array of goods within Myanmar. A special treat is in store upon visiting on of the most sacred shrines within the country, the Shwedagon Pagoda, considered by many to be the most impressive pagoda in the world. Its main spire rises to a height of 396 feet and is adorned with thousands of semi-precious stones, all surrounded by multi-layers of gold leaf. (B/L)

Day 19 / Yangon ~ He Ho ~ Kalaw

A morning flight wings you to He Ho in Upper-Burma to meet your waiting guide for transport across the pine-scented woodlands to reach what once was a favorite hill station retreat for British administrative officials, located on the rim of the Shan Plateau. En route, stop at a farming village where Pa-O and Shan people live working the soil as their livelihood. Nearby, visit a small cave where Buddhist devotees have placed numerous Buddhist statues. Upon lunch within the town, enjoy a walking tour through this peaceful setting with the atmosphere so very reminiscent of the colonial era. Nowadays the town is a market center for ethnic minorities that reach here from the hillsides to gather necessities. (B/L)

Day 20 / Excursion to Green Valley Elephant Camp

Completing an early breakfast, drive to the Magwe elephant camp. Upon arrival you will be greeted by the camp’s team who will inform you about the project of rescuing elephants from their former life of hauling timber within the forests. Within the camp, you will observe how the mahouts and their families live while caring for the elephants. You will have a chance to both feed and bathe the elephants by riverside. (B/L)

Day 21 / Kalaw ~ Nyaung Shwe ~ Inle Lake

This morning’s drive takes you across the countryside to the embarkation point at Nyuang Shwe to board your private launch whisking you across the lake to the site of your accommodation. En route you will see the famous Inthar leg rowers, who wrap their lower leg around the paddle as they search the waters for their favorite fishing sites. Passing the floating gardens at Inle, you will visit the Phaungdaw OO Pagoda, dating back to the 18th century, the Nga Phe Monastery, and the weaving village of Inpawkhon (B/L)

Day 22 / Excursion to Indein Pagoda complex

Board your private launch taking you to the western shore of the lake where you will disembark and begin the stair path lined with hundreds of small stupas overgrown by moss and greens to the top of the hillside and the Indein Pagoda complex. Continue on foot to a nearby village where the residents continue to grow their crops in generations-old fashion. Walking past the many fields of rice and flowing creeks, arrive at the village of Sae Ma and onward to Tha Le. Enjoy lunch at one of the local restaurants prior to returning to your resort. (B/L)


Day 23 / Inle Lake ~ Yangon ~ Bangkok

Return by boat to Nyuang Shwe for transport to He Ho for you return flight to Yangon. You will have the use of your private vehicle; time permitting, for additional sightseeing prior to boarding your connecting flight to Bangkok. (B)

United States

Day 24 / Bangkok ~ United States

All too soon you passage throughout Southeast Asia has come to an end and it is time to board your flight homeward carrying with you some marvelous memories that will be rekindled again and again over a lifetime.


A tour booking and full payment made 6 months or more prior to the departure date qualifies you for a 10% discount on Land Arrangements.


You are welcome to visit our custom tour page using this basic itinerary as a model and customize the entire day-to-day tour program or begin anew to craft one that matches your choice for countries and locations to visit, length of stay at each destination, choice of 4 or 5 star accommodations and number of days for travel. Once provided with an overview of how you would like to see the itinerary completed, First Cabin will send you a draft for review and work together to finalize an itinerary to your specifications.

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